Lots of tasks –
one Tappsk!

To-do list, habit tracker and reminder
on a single screen
Big plus to your productivity
All the features you know and love, with a new design
Build a strong foundation to maximize your productivity
Use your voice
Hold + and speak if you don't feel like typing
Multiply editing
Speed up the process when working with similar tasks
Shopping list
The lists are easy to make so that the items are easy to buy
Routine tasks
Create recurring events

Organize tasks
with ease

You can see all your plans on a single screen; set priorities, categories, and add reminders.

We put all our passion into the app's UX/UI. It is our pride and joy - clean, simple, and intuitive.

Build helpful habits

Tappsk has both tasks and habits just like Instagram has regular posts and stories. Tasks and habits usually have different time patterns.

You have a lot of tasks but you finish one and move on to the next, whereas habits are few, they can require repeating several times a day, and they require statistics.

Record voice tasks

Adding voice tasks has never been so simple. Just hold + and speak. Your tasks will be recognized and recorded.

It’s so convenient, especially on the go or when you are overwhelmed with ideas.

Multiply editing

Swiping left will allow you to edit several tasks as one. Mark several and move them to another day, change your tasks lists, or cancel a group of tasks in one go.

Shopping list

Create a shopping list with just a few taps by selecting items from a preset list or adding your own. Now a trip to the store will be as easy as the pie you're about to buy!

Routine tasks

Create recurring events when you need to do something repeatedly. What's more is we've compiled a vast list of common activities that you may have forgotten about, and will recommend them based on your interests.